RentreeAfter a few months blog-less, here is my rentree! I got many many responses from people who love to read my blog-posts. It didn’t show from the statistics but I entertain more readers with this blog then I realized.
With this rentree I decided to dive into the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Maybe when I shape my articles more SEO-friendly, I get more readers who find them. When I read into this SEO-stuff, I realize I didn’t wrote optimal before. Maybe that explains my low statistics before. I do like to write and think my subjects must be interesting for more readers then are able to find it.

I did try to use twitter in the meantime for some online presence. I experienced a lack of possibilities to write stories about subjects I’m working on. Not even my YouTube-channel and Flickr-account could help in the demand to write longer articles. I think what I’m trying to say is:

my blog is back online. Stay tuned for new content!

Adam CurryOnly a few weeks he is officially a HAM amateur, Adam Curry, of the No Agenda podcast! Passed for his technician license recently, a few weeks later for his general and already he is studying for his extra in December 2012!

Adam totally took a dive in Echolink and setup a conference server (EchoNode 3373), which is already turn out to be a cozy place for ‘random HAM dudes’. Somewhere this days Continue reading