PACC 2017 report

PACC 2017This year we participated as PA9G in the PACC 2017 contest. We operated as The Three Musketeers (Rob PA3X, Gerald PA9G and me PA8E) as multi-op, single transmitter. I practically moved my entire shack over to Gerald’s cabin in the woods. The big antenna plans we had before turned out to be a little too ambitious. We didn’t had that much lot to cover and as a result we had to work with only one antenna we already put up: the Fritzel FD-3. Because of this choice Continue reading “PACC 2017 report”


contestingLast weekend I did some contesting. Not like 2014 (my top-contest year) when I made over 3000 contacts. This time in a more sober way. I only got a view hours to spend. Two major contests going on last weekend: PACC and CQ WPX RTTY. My favorite contestmode is RTTY, but I feel a little obligated to participate in the PACC as a Dutch HAM. I started the PACC in CW-mode. But after 10 contacts I concluded my CW-skills are not yet up to speed for contests. I switched to CQ WPX RTT, made 100 contacts and then my time was up. Sunday I increased my PACC numbers with voice to 50 contacts.
No spectacular results but it was fun to participate in a contest again.

Multitasking contests

This weekend I entered the CQ WPX RTTY contest and the PACC.

I really like contesting in RTTY-modus! I’ve setup N1MM with MMTTY and that works fine. Did a relax contest weekend, doing breaks left and right, didn’t miss a hour of sleep. Most important thing is to have fun! Speaking of fun, I also did participate in the PACC contest which I entered for a few years now. It always was great fun doing it. This year for the first time I didn’t like it anymore. 2 Things that bothered me: I don’t like voice contests anymore. It’s so noisy! The whole band seems full. When I called CQ on a frequency that seemed free, after a while I heard a response for another station. So apparently the frequency was occupied only I was unable to hear it. And the other thing: the PACC should be around the Dutch Amateur. So IMHO Dutch amateurs should call CQ and others should S&P. But not during the PACC. There are so many amateurs in this little country and less (like it seems) foreign participants. Tuning around the bands I heard many foreign amateurs calling CQ PACC. That seemed weird to me. Low and behold I scored 50 QSO’s and I was done with it. Back to CQ WPX RTTY contest! Need many more practice on this CW-thing. I want to do CW-contests. If the are as much fun as the RTTY-ones I would really enjoy doing them.

Sadly I didn’t hear Jim, K5ND 🙁 I even set an cluster alarm on his call and let run HRD Logbook on the background so I would be alerted when he’s spotted somewhere, but no luck. Maybe more luck next time Jim! I already read you scored quite nice on this one! Congrats!

Greek Triathlon Contest

Last weekend I entered the RTTY-contest part of the Greek Triathlon contest. Because we had some family visiting the house in the afternoon, I didn’t had much time for the whole contest. I looked in the schedule and find out the first part of the contest (0:00 – 7:59 UTC) is RTTY only. Because we’re only one hour later then UTC, I figured I could get up real early and make a few contacts. So Saturday morning I got up at 5 o’clock AM (4:00 UTC) and flipped on the radio. Then I struggled with N1MM again for a full hour to switch from SSB-macro’s to RTTY-macro’s. It took me a hour to figure out I had to type “RTTY” in the call log box :S.

After a few hours of search & pounce I collected 26 contacts. I didn’t participate in this contest before so I don’t have any comparison. But I had to search the bands with a magnifier to find stations. The result of a few minutes of giving CQ: 0 replies. So I quickly returned to S&P. Well, at least I earned 1 extra points in our regional divisional league (25 contacts represent 1 point).

Next weekend I’ll participate in the PACC-contest. I read in the contest calendar this is also the weekend of CQ WW RTTY contest! So maybe I switch forward en backward between these two. Because I really like to meet Jim, K5ND in the CQ WW RTTY 🙂

Kent Twin Paddle

PA8E Kent PaddleJust when I’m preparing for the PACC contest this weekend, my Kent Twin paddle got delivered! It took three weeks from ordering to delivering.
But it looks very classy and it feels great! Nice and heavy. Enough fine tune options. I think this is a wonderful piece of engineering to start off my morse career!

Wrap up PACC 2009

PACCWell, that was a very nice contest! I went from Schalkwijk (see previous post) to our new clubbuilding the NERA-building. There were a few club members so I joined them. Later on that evening I went home to pick up my own rig. The evening went by and I made a few (35) contacts. About 1:30 am I went home for some sleep. This morning I continued about 9:00 am. When the clock hit 13:00 hours I had made 60 QSO’s. I know I know, it’s nothing compaired to the big guns. But I don’t care. It was a very nice experience, it was my first PACC. I have many ideas how to do the contest next year.

For starter I want to have some kind of voice sampler (external) between my microfoon and my rig so I can record samples and play them by just pressing a button (cq contest cq contest). Because it wasn’t very nice to have to repeat it a few hundred times. That’s why I stopped CQ-ing after a while.

Anyone good tips for such a device?

PACC 2009

PACCEvery Dutch radio amateur who loves to DX just a little bit, is putting everything in place for this weekend. Some ham’s polishing their keyers at home. Some hams are putting up just another wire to be able to work that special band. Others are joining in groups and use a piece of farming land to put up antenna’s and gathering together in sheds to join the dx-party!
Saturday 14th of februari on 14:00 hrs local time (12:00 UTC) all PA-PH-hams will fire up their rigs to work as many countries as possible in the PACC 2009!

I will visit this weekend a few hams in the center of the Netherlands. Maybe I’m gonna make a few QSO’s myself. Of course pictures and experiences will be posted asap!