After reading this post I couldn’t resist any longer.
Yesterday I ordered the new toy, a Baofeng UV-B6 Chinese HT. Incredible price: 43 dollar! It can take up to 60 days before delivering so it will be no typical Christmas present.
I like to use the HT to connect to my Kenwood TM-D710 en simplex EchoLink repeater modus. Then I can walk around the house with the HT and be logged in a EchoLink conference room (for instance nodenumber 3373 ITM No Agenda conference server). Actually I don’t have a lot of time at the moment for the radio hobby, but online buying doesn’t take up much.

Kenwood TM-D710The new VHF/UHF rig is running for a week now. Optically it does look great with my HF rig (Kenwood TS-590)!
I’ve put the seperate display right on top of my other Kenwood, this way I can overlook HF,VHF and UHF in one view.
Functionality and menu’s are what you expect when you’re a Kenwood user already: easy, logical and no deep menu’s. There are an awful lot of function though. This rig has a build in TNC and is able to do full APRS without any computer attached. As you can imagine, there are a boatload of items to set before APRS runs.
I didn’t connect the rig to my computer just yet. The cat-cable from Kenwood comes at a price of 45 euro’s what I think is outrageous for a simple 8 pin Mini DIN to RS232 D-sub-connector. If there would be a levelconverter in it, ok.
So I’ve ordered the parts for the cable for 4 euro’s incl. shipping. Some soldering and I’m ready to go.
More impression will follow!

Elecraft logoA day after the birth of my son (12th December) a package arrived from Elecraft! Of course the first week I’ve got something else on my mind but I got anxious soon to heat up the solder iron!
First I read the manual thoroughly and unpacked all bags and packs. According to the manual you have to start with the 4-band filter board. Then build the front panel. Last (but not least) it’s time for Continue reading