Icom IC-7300 main shack rigMy shack (slang for radio room) consists of a Icom IC-7300 transceiver for HF and a Kent paddle. Running standard 100 watts from the Icom into a Icom AH-4 antenna coupler with 10 meters of open feed-wire into a dipole of 2×13 meters of wire at approximately 13 meters (43 feet) above sea level.


For 2 meter and 70cm I use a Kenwood TM-742 with a Diamond X-6000 vertical tri band antenna.

Mobile shack: PA8E-9

I use a TM-D710 in the car. This is a great rig with the best APRS-implementation I ever have seen. A big display on my dashboard gives realtime information about nearby stations. A good way to spot DX too! Since it has a GPS-module installed in it, you can track me via APRS.