Aeronautical mobile as PA1JIM/AM

How cool is it for a ham to temporarily change your call to aeronautical mobile (PA1JIM/AM) during a once in your lifetime experience? Even more so when you can do that from an airliner at 38000 feet up in the air? The other day my good buddy and associate at Pepper IT-solutions VliegPiet made me […]

QRV at holiday as ON/PA1JIM in Froidchapelle, Belgium

First week of September I left for a little one week holiday with the family to Belgium near Froidchapelle. We rented a little cottage and I was able to get QRV as ON/PA1JIM. I packed an extendable antenna mast, a 1:10 MTFT balun from WiMo, my Kenwood TS-590 and forgot the antenna wire. When we […]

Mini field day and IARU-contest

A while ago Mark, PA4M and I planned a ‘field day’ of our own. Last Sunday would be the day if the rain wasn’t too strong. We picked a spot near the Gooimeer in the center of the Netherlands. We were in the middle of some farmers land. Mark did bring his homebuilt end fed […]