Diamond X-6000

23cm @ PA1JIM

There wasn’t any 23cm ground plane antenna yet on the roof @ PA1JIM headquarters, only the double quad antenna. But the quad is pointing towards the PI6NOS-repeater.
Therefor it was impossible for me to open the 23cm repeaters in Den Haag and Rotterdam. Furthermore I wasn’t fully satisfied about my Diamond X200N for 2m and 70cm. It worked, but not beautifully.
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Loden dakpanSince I placed my antennas last year, I just put the coax cables thrue the roofwindow. A pretty fast solution but far from ideal, especially in wintertime since I can’t really close one window. Some time ago I bought an rooftile of lead. I think it is originally destined for some kind of mast. But if you mount it up-side-down it could be a great way to put coax cables thrue inside.
So I removed one rooftile and gently drilled a hole in it. Mounted the lead on top of it and put the tile on the roof again. Putted the cables thrue and sailed the whole thing with vulcanization tape. It looks pretty solid, let’s hope that is survives the winter!