After a few years without contesting, my friend Roeland PA3MET convinced me to participate in CQ WW SSB last weekend. Quite busy at work with radio, so at home radio has become a little less important. It was a really busy weekend, but I managed to find some hours here and there to participate in the contest. Limited to QRP since there is quite some RFI in the shack. Monitor and mouse go out when I make more then 20 watts or so. The last time I decided to participate in a contest (last minute), I really bummed out because I couldn’t get things working. Always struggle with N1MM Continue reading

CQwwWPXTwo weeks ago I switched on the transceiver on saturday and listen around on the bands. I couldn’t believe my ears! There where incredible conditions. 40, 20 15 and 10 where completely open! It wasn’t hard to hear there was a big contest going on. I wasn’t into the contesting lately so I had to pull out the contest calender to check which one was on. It turn out to be the CQ WW SSB contest. After I read the contest rules I started to make some contacts. I was even able to make a qso with South Africa on 10 meters! Finally I’ve got a change to test out my Antron 99 which I installed for 10 meters. It worked very nicely!
At the end of the weekend I’ve made 77 contacts in the contest. Not extremely much, but okay for me. Especially if you bare in mind that I was totally unprepared.
If these conditions are a sign of what is possible in a high sunspot cyclus, I’m gonna have a very nice 6 years to come!

I seem to be unable to convert my HRD-ADIF-log into the needed Cabrillo-format for the contestmanager. I send him the file anyway. A few days later I received an email that my log was processed! Now that’s what I call service… Thanks Bob, K3EST.