psk31waterfall.jpg~originalWhile on our holiday in Belgium propagation forced me to use digimode (PSK). It’s funny when you are in a relaxing mood like on holiday and you spend some time setting up PSK again, it’s actually a great way making QSO’s. I really enjoy watching the waterfall for signals and looking how other ham’s programmed their macro’s. Many inspire me to fine tune my macro’s a little more. Of course I plug this blog in my long-reply-macro 😉 Great way to propagate the formula.

I read my fellow ham’s are also busy in digimode: PE4BAS in WSJT-X (which is on my to-do-list too) and VE3WDM.

It sure is fun doing some PSK or other digimode when propagation is low. Morse code is a mode which is also very suitable for low propagation. A little harder to learn though. We are heading for another low in the 11 year sun-spot-cycle. I guess that means we have to wait at least for 5 or 6 years for new really good propagation on the bands. Looks like we have to use CW and digimodes for a while.

PSKLast weekend I’ve experimented with psk31 for the first time. Made a really simple setup. Connected my girlfriends laptop (the only Windows one in the house) directly to my FT-817 with 2 mini-jack cable (audio in and out) and the data-cable.
Run Ham Radio Deluxe. Could get it to work very well. After a few hours of searching for the right settings, I was able to receive some signals. Just couldn’t get the rig transmitting anything at all.
The next morning I’ve tried the same setup on my Mac. This time with Cocoamodem. Same story, receiving okay, transmitting no go.
Hmmm, looks like I need to do some more googling first.