20th of December 2012 I ordered a Baofeng UV-B6 from AliExpress.com. About three weeks later (15th January) it arrived at the PA1JIM-headquarters. It turns out to be a UV-B5 instead of a UV-B6. The only difference is the UV-B5 has a rotary dail on top and the UV-B6 has a flashlight instead. That Continue reading

Elecraft logoA day after the birth of my son (12th December) a package arrived from Elecraft! Of course the first week I’ve got something else on my mind but I got anxious soon to heat up the solder iron!
First I read the manual thoroughly and unpacked all bags and packs. According to the manual you have to start with the 4-band filter board. Then build the front panel. Last (but not least) it’s time for Continue reading

PhilipsElectronicaDoosAs a small boy I seemed talented for working with electronics. My parents encourage this by buying me a Philips Electronics Box. I really loved it and build all circuits there were to build. Not long after that I got my first solder iron and start building little kits I bought of my allowance.
After all these years I always owned a solder iron but used it maybe once a year or so. These last months I’m really working hard on CW-practice. I’m not there yet but there is lot’s of progress. One of the cool things of CW is it’s high efficiency due to the high S/N-ratio. Therefor CW makes it possible to work great distances on HF with only very little power.
So no need necessarily for big transceivers for CW. And then suddenly a whole new world of the radio amateur hobby opens up: QRP!

Building kits for QRP CW is versatile and a lot cheaper en less complex to build compared to QRO. And there seems so much creativity and wide range of kits! From the fancy (and expensive) Elecraft K1 to the awesome kits from NorCal QRP club.
I think I’m about ordering a kit and pick up the solder iron to start building again! The fun and satisfaction of working with your own build equipment seems incredibly attractive!
Reporting back on any building here of course.