TM-241E (RigPix)When trying to improve my 23cm trx I was in desperate need of a reference 23cm rig. I need something that just works and can make a little more power then 400mW. Asking around gave me a Kenwood TM-531E for borrowing. I fell a little in love with this little puppy. On a local eBay-like site I spotted the 2meter brother of the TM-531E: the TM-241E. Actually it is one type newer (the same line should be the TM-231) but they look almost the same. I ordered this puppy, so hopefully (if everything goes well) I can hang him besides his 23cm sister in a few days.

Maybe one of these days I’ll spot the 70cm model too (TM-431E/441E). Who knows I’ll buy that one too 🙂

Kenwood TM-D710The new VHF/UHF rig is running for a week now. Optically it does look great with my HF rig (Kenwood TS-590)!
I’ve put the seperate display right on top of my other Kenwood, this way I can overlook HF,VHF and UHF in one view.
Functionality and menu’s are what you expect when you’re a Kenwood user already: easy, logical and no deep menu’s. There are an awful lot of function though. This rig has a build in TNC and is able to do full APRS without any computer attached. As you can imagine, there are a boatload of items to set before APRS runs.
I didn’t connect the rig to my computer just yet. The cat-cable from Kenwood comes at a price of 45 euro’s what I think is outrageous for a simple 8 pin Mini DIN to RS232 D-sub-connector. If there would be a levelconverter in it, ok.
So I’ve ordered the parts for the cable for 4 euro’s incl. shipping. Some soldering and I’m ready to go.
More impression will follow!

TS-590-sAs a proud owner of the brand new Kenwood TS-590 of course I now have to follow the release of new firmware for this rig. This morning I noticed there is a new one out. It addresses at least one thing I noticed: an unstable USB-data connection when I switch between N1MM logger and Ham Radio Deluxe. Sometimes I have to turn the radio off and back on to get a connection with the other program. Other fixes according to Kenwood:

1. In [SSB-DATA] mode, Speech Processor might not be disabled internally.
2. At the end of TX tune mode, carrier output returns to normal mode level after a short delay.
3. When the TS-590S is turned ON, the USB port connection may be unstable.
4. When the built-in electronic keyer is set to Mode A, CW keying may not work properly.
5. TX rise time power spike activates some linear amplifiers’ input power protections.
(The firmware Ver.1.02 revises the ALC response characteristics to reduce the power spike.)
6. When a separate RX ANT is connected, TX output power may be fed back to the RX ANT connector and might affect internal circuits.
(The firmware Ver.1.02 deactivates (opens) RX ANT relay every time the radio transmits.)

Let’s upgrade here!