First experience with the Beverage antenna

My family obtained new real estate in France (locator JN17HL) with quite a large garden. Visiting a few weeks ago, I immediately spotted the opportunity to set-up a Beverage antenna. I already did some homework. A Beverage antenna is in basic a receiving antenna consisting of just one wire. Length of the wire is at […]

New item in the shack, a birthday present: RaspberryPi-3

RaspberryPi-3 My latest acquisition to the shack is a RaspberryPi-3. A great birthday gift to get! I already owned two RaspberryPi-1’s and one RaspberryPi-2. One of the RaspberryPi-1’s is doing a great job to put out the telemetry of my weather station with Xastir. I wanted the RaspberryPi-3 put to work as a WSPR-decoder as […]