PCI Express serial portsSince one of the best contest logging free software N1MM is running on Windows only, I had to install Windows on my Mac Pro. Running via Bootcamp it works fine. I want to run CW skimmer together with N1MM so I can read the very fast stations in the contest. But N1MM needs 2 COM-ports (cat interface and keying port) and CW Skimmer won’t run properly without a cat interface too. My TS-590 has two possibilities for cat interfacing: via USB and via serial port. So I need 1 com port for cat interface with N1MM, 1 com port for cat interface with CW Skimmer and 1 com port for N1MM keying. At the moment I have only 1 serial – USB converter. So I looked around on the webs and found a PCI express card with two serial ports! Right away I ordered the card. Let’s hope my plan will work. I don’t think the card is supported by MacOSX but that not a big deal since I’ll use it with Windows anyway.