wsprWeak Signal Propagation Reporter (WSPR, pronounced:” whisper”) is a protocol developed by John Taylor, K1JT in 2008. It’s one of the many protocols used by radio amateurs but WSPR is a special one. The “Weak Signal”-part refers to signals being transmitted with a maximum power of 5 Watt (37 dBm), what still is regarded as QRP. But you can use much less then 5 Watt. Use more power is pointless, because it removes the accuracy of the “Propagation Continue reading

WSPRnetLast 24 hours I let WSPR running on 20 meters with my new FD3-antenna. It seems I hear the whole world including west Canada, Venezuela and Australia. More important: some of these stations hear me too! So I’m very happy with the results until now. Made some cw-QSO’s last night which also went fine.

Screen-Shot-2011-09-02-at-07.18.07Last night I leave WSPR on for the whole night to see what happen. According to propagation rules, the best opportunities on 80m should be around the greyline. In the evening that means in western Europe I should get signals out of the east and in the morning I should get signals out of the west. A little disappointed I was this morning when the only thing I saw is stations from Europe. Could it be my antenna? Bad propagation on 80m? Not enough WSPR-station on the air? I guess my S9 noise level on 80m don’t help much.