As mentioned before I’m remodelling the attic. The attic used to be my radio room, so that had to go for a while. Now, more then a year later, the attic is almost ready. My two sons will move from the first floor to their new rooms at the attic hopefully this summer. And that means two rooms come available on the first floor! One of those rooms will be my new radio room.

After more than a year without my own place to store my radio stuff, do experiments and repairs, I really miss it. Not to mention all the collected radio/electronics stuff laying around the house because I have no place to put it. She-who-must-be-obeyed is not pleased either with the messy situation but put up with it for now.

The good part about this situation is I’ve had more then a year to think about how I want my new radio room to look like and what I want to install for it. I’m gonna put in some special power supply, internet connectivity on fiber, and of course I will rebuild all the antenna material and weather station with all new cabling. There will be a new cable tray from the roof to my radio room, I will create a dedicated earth rod for the radio room etcetera.
So it was way to silent on this blog but I will keep you guys and gals posted on everything that comes ahead with furnishing my new radio room!

Hope you all survived the boring times, more news is coming your way!

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