The new radio room deskFinally after 1,5 year I have my own room. Since the room is just for radio, I will need a wall-to-wall desk. Such desks are hard to find. So I have to make one myself. Starting with a custom made worksheet on support bars on the wall. But I also want to have some shelves to put radio’s on. And I want two compartments. One pure for operating and one for measuring, repairs, soldering etc.

I decided to split the work sheet in half. Then we have 1,22 meters on both sides. That must be enough space in my radio room. On the measuring bench one shelf is okay. On the radio side I want two shelves since the radio need to be higher then the work desk. Also an important detail: I want to be able to roll my chair underneath both sections without hitting any legs. The desk needs to be stiff enough to not sag in the middle. After a few hours of sawing and sanding I am quite satisfied with the result!

Now I need to check the whole setup, so that means installing all the radio’s on the new desk. When everything works, I’ll remove it for the last time and paint the desk. I still have to work out some lighting. The ‘under-the-shelf’-lighting idea of Jim K5ND is still on my mind. That would be a good start.

It also was a blast to reconnect my old Kenwood TM-742 tribander again and make some QSO’s with my friend Henk PE1PEX. He lives some 23 kilometers/14 miles away. With the Diamond X-6000 that wasn’t any problem.

What still is a problem is my office chair. Since my own chair is still in storage, I temporarily use a folding chair. But this one is way to low for my new desk (which is a little higher then a normal desk). So I’m kind of on my knees before the desk…

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