HomeSweetHomeHi all! We’re back in town from two weeks of holiday! It was very nice. We did a lot of hiking, site seeing, enjoying meals etc. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to set up my portable radio kit in Italy at all. The chalets where so tight packet together, it was impossible to throw a wire over something. And if I was able to do that, I would have interfered with at least 10 satellite receivers. So I kept the goodies in the trunk for the first week of the holiday.
In France of course I had more possibilities to setup a nice configuration. I did bring a 1:6 balun with me to experiment with. Two wires of 13,8m and 27,7m where attached to it and hung up between two tree’s. It worked kind of nice but of course only on the lower bands (40 and 80). And there was not much of interesting activity on those bands that week. Then I’ve tried to work my open dipole for 20m and my long wire (16m) that are already installed at the house. But not much luck either. Lots of static (at least I think, or even there are appearing noise generators) and very little signals. All in all I’ve made 4 QSO’s. Not enough to even bring the stuff with me. I consider to buy a dedicated (old) radio for that location to leave. Then I don’t have to bring the heavy stuff with me all the time and I’m able to use a good radio with all filters and stuff even on holidays.

So when someone has good suggestions for a good (second hand) transceiver with (kind of) modern filter methods but isn’t too expensive (I’ll only use it for maybe one week a year), leave me a comment or a message!

Kenwood TCXO-SO2last month that I bought my Kenwood TS-850, I’ve got a mail from Joerg, DL6IB from Germany.
Joerg did offer me something nice. He bought 2 pieces of the Kenwood TCXO-SO2 in the USA. The first one he had used to build in his own Kenwood TS-870 and the second one he did offer me for a good price. You know I’m a sucker for
accessories. I already did manage to find a voice synthesizer (VS-2), a digital recording unit (DRU-2) and several filters for my precious TS-850 . The only thing that was missing was the temperature compensated cristal oscillator (TCXO-SO2). So it was a very good timing of Joerg to contact me!
But I find it always a little bit scary to just send money over the internet and hope the other end will deliver what he promised.
But yesterday the package arrived and there was my “little bug”. Maybe I’ll mount it this weekend. Then my TS-850 is fully loaded and even more capable of operating so nicely, the way I want it.

Thank you Joerg! Thanks for the offer and it was great doing business with you! Hope to hear you on the bands sometime.