Icom IC-910HI was looking for a new radio for a while. For 2m and 70cm I used my good old Yeasu FT-817. Actually my first radio. A perfect radio for mobile and backpack use, but not for the QTH.

For in the shack I wanted something a little bigger, multiband capabilities and the most important: more output power. Since I only use Yeasu and Kenwood I was curious for Icom. When I went searching for a good 2m/70cm transceiver from Icom I quickly stumbled on the 910H. Very interesting radio, good performance. And also capable of heavy duty ssb traffic. Something I don’t do often right now because I don’t have the right equipment.

So a second hand Icom 910H it wil be. Last week I found one on the internet. I went over for a good look and liked what I saw. So I bought the rig and now it’s humming in my shack! Welcome 910 🙂