GPS logoI did use a bluetooth GPS-mouse with my TM-D710E to send out APRS-packets before. That configuration needs a bluetooth receiver module to convert the data-stream. I don’t like extra boxes especially not in the car (that is where I also use my TM-D710E). So I keep searching for a more compact solution. In the meantime the Kenwood TM-D710G was introduced. But I didn’t had 650 euro for a new radio. The TM-D710G has a GPS-receiver in the head unit. A great idea, maybe it is possible to build such a receiver in my TM-D710E. After googling around a few times I found this Swedish site.
A great solution and exactly what I was looking for. The GPS-receiver in this mod uses plain RS-232-level signals so there’s no need for TTL-RS232-converters as in other mods. Erik Sohlén from the site could send my this GPS-receiver for only 38 euro. I ordered the mod and a few weeks later it arrived. Only three wires need to be installed and the GPS-receiver has to be glued in.
The mod works excellent! The GPS-receiver only starts its data-stream when it has a satellite fix. So when the receiver hasn’t a fix yet, the GPS-sign on the TM-D710 isn’t blinking. That way you can check if there is a fix without seeing the GPS-receiver itself.

Now I’m pretty good track-able via When I using my car (not everyday) I build in my TM-D710 and set all APRS-settings for mobile use according to Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.

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