Ham Radio DeluxeAccording to the Ham Radio Deluxe website there is a new version of Ham Radio Deluxe 5: 2777.
Release notes say:
After a lot of hard work with incredible support from Terry G4POP and Chuck K7PT this beta is now available.

* Country file upgraded with support for Unique Calls
* ALE window now correctly supports entries with a / in the callsign
* Award tracking rewritten and tested almost to extinction
* ALE custom field titles now user-definable

Ham Radio Deluxe

* Rigblaster support where RTS is toggled instead of sending a CAT command. See Options, COM Port TX.
* Initial support for TS-590S and FTDX-5000

Needless to say I’m cheering of joy because I love to see the award tracker updated. And of course since me catching the TS-590S-virus the initial support for the TS-590S makes me smile! Installing right now, maybe I can report on the changes later.

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