I read K5ND, Jim’s blog for a while now. Jim (K5ND, not me) is an excellent writer and knows how to give Ham radio good PR! Sometimes I comment on his posts and he always replies very friendly. So funny to watch Jim in a video report of Hamvention in Dayton together with N9JA, Ray from Icom. Suddenly you see and hear a voice (I’ve listened to Jim’s podcasts), a face (pictures on his blog) and facial expression come together into one person.

Please watch the video interview (from 17:01 Jim is on) for a view minutes and hear what great things Boy Scouts of America and Icom are doing for Ham radio!

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  1. Hi Jim! Thanks so much for your kind comments. It was a fun interview with Ham Radio NOW. I was surprised by how much has been accomplished with our Radio Scouting efforts. You can see more about those efforts at http://www.k2bsa.net Take care and 73, Jim, K5ND

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