HRD-On-a-MacLast evening I was thinking about buying a copy of VMware Fusion. I’ve used VMware Fusion trial to create a vm for hacking the bootROM of a Sun Cobalt RaQ550 three weeks ago. When I was using VMware Fusion I noticed it had seen my Boot Camp partition on my Mac with Windows XP for ham software that only runs on Windows. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to boot my Boot Camp partition in a virtual machine. But I still had to switch to my vm to use Ham Radio Deluxe.
Last week my VMware Fusion was running out of trial and I got the option to buy the software. But 80 euro’s was a little overpriced for me. So I waited. And the waiting did pay off, because yesterday I got the offer to buy the soft for 49 euro’s!
But the best has yet to come: when I entered the bought serial, I got also a new option: Unity. When I started the Boot Camp vm, I start HRD and click on Unity. Now HRD appears in my Mac desktop as a normal application! Absolutely awesome! This is what I wanted! Thank you guys of VMware, you make great software!

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