JARTS WW RTTY 2013 scoreThis weekend I was all prepared for the JARTS WW RTTY contest. Propagation is great at the moment, around 9 am 10 meters is wide open. Saturday morning around 5:30 I was in the shack making QSO’s. Balancing between family time and contesting the whole weekend, Sunday evening at 10 o-clock I was done with it. With 303 QSO’s in the log the contest was done for me. Finally I’ve worked a great deal of Japanese stations (even on 15 meters were my FD-3 isn’t resonant) and some other new DXCC’s like Hong Kong, United Arabic Emirates and a few I didn’t have yet.
My set-up works great on 20, 15 and 10 meters. On 40 meters I must power down to around 20 watts to not have too much RFI in the shack. My homemade FSK-cable is not working at higher power levels and my keyboard is going nuts causing N1MM doing all kind of crazy things.
I think the shack is a little too close under the antenna. The fact that I don’t have a earthed wall outlet in my shack don’t help either I guess.

I’ve got to find out how to fix this before the next contest (coming weekend, CQ WW SSB). Nice quest for this week!

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  1. Hallo Jim, mooie resultaten. Inderdaad een niet geaard stopcontact is niet prettig voor de computer. Voor de radio maakt het niet uit. Misschien toch even een aarddraad trekken als het mogelijk is. Of een aparte aardelektrode voor de shack netvoeding/computer. Je radio hoef je er niet op aan te sluiten, heeft geen zin. Zoek voor de gein nog even op de site van W8JI voor nuttige tips om dit RFI probleem op te lossen. Succes en tot horens. 73, Bas

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