Kenwood TM-D710GEI owned Kenwood TM-D710E’s for a while now but was always interested in Kenwoods TM-D710GE. The GE-version has a GPS-receiver build in and also changed firmware to fully support this.

When I heard there was one on the (second hand) market, I did a shout out. A few messages later it was mine! I placed my TM-D710E in the new radio room as APRS Igate (PA8E-10) and Echolink node (still needs configuring). So the new TM-D710GE had to move in to the car. Indeed the TM-D710GE is a great performer! After fine tuning the smart beaconing algorithm it seems to plot PA8E-9 even better on the map.

I also like to take the TM-D710 as ‘holiday’-rig with me. On our last holiday in Denmark it was a blast to be able to talk with my HT via Echolink on our local 70cm frequency at home. Actually some HAM’s really scratched their heads because it sounded like I was just at home. With a little dual bander antenna attached at the house it was even possible to lay on the beach and talk to home!

So a Kenwood TM-D710GE permanently in the car has multiple advantages. I’m really glad it’s part of the PA8E radio family!

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