PSKAfter some juggling around with Ham Radio Deluxe and the last weeks, this weekend I let Digital Master 780 (as part of Ham Radio Deluxe) running in the background doing PSK-31 when I was studying. Every now and then I’ve made a QSO.

I must say, it actually runs quite smooth now. Little struggle with macro’s that didn’t save but this solution worked for me. After getting the upload-code from the Logbook program from Ham Radio Deluxe automatically uploads every logged QSO to HRDlog which is pretty cool. I should experiment how to incorporate the logbook on HRDlog in to this page. I’m now able to auto-upload HRDlog and eQSL and LoTW works from HRD Logbook as well (though not automatically).

Overall I’ve made 34 contacts the last weekend and I really enjoy it! Especially when amateurs give a link (I do!) to pictures of their shack and antenna’s. Always fun to watch.

Conditions weren’t up this weekend, so it seemed. Mostly Russia, Ukraine (mainly east for me) and some Italy and Spain. On 15m I did manage to work Richard, K9ZJ but he was fading in and out so much we hardly could end the QSO.

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