Replacement fan for TM-D710In the first months after I bought my TM-D710 the original fan starts making a screaming noise when I put on the radio. After about one minute it seems like it gain enough traction and became a bit less noisy, and only turns on when I transmit. Since I use my TM-D710 in my home office primarily , it still is too loud.
Recently I subscribed to a Yahoogroup for the Kenwood TM-D710/V71. One of the threads that popped in my mailbox was one about changing the stock fan for a more silent one. I ordered the SilenX Ixtrema IXP-11-14 from Freezing Hardware for a whopping 14 euro’s.
The old fan was out in a breeze, the new one in place in a minute. Only thing I had to do was change the original connector. Since all three wires of the SilenX are silver, it was a bit of gamble which one to pick. When I connected the radio for a test run I came to the conclusion I used the wrong wires. No sound of a running fan at all. Not even when I was transmitting. Fortunately I did put my hand in front of the fan before rewiring it and noticed that it did suck air in. When I took a good look, it turns out the fan was running, but without noticeable sound! Unbelievable what a difference! Now I can listen to the local repeater at the lowest volume without a screaming fan every time APRS push out a packet.

I also use my TM-D710 in the car from time to time. Of course the fan noise is not a big problem in the car where other noises are more dominant. But less noise in the car isn’t a bad thing at all.

Impression of the modification:

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  1. Put a 100 ohm resistor across the two terminals at the fan’s connector. That will lower the voltage and quiet the fan up nicely.

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