Icom IC-7300 main shack rigToday I finally found some time to update the firmware of the IC-7300. I noticed 1.13 was out. Didn’t even update from the original 1.11 to 1.12 because my only netbook (MSI WIND U-100) doesn’t recognizes the internal SD-card reader. But a new Asus EeePC found it’s way to the shack. It’s running OpenSuse and does recognize it’s internal SD-reader so I had no arguments to not update the firmware. The procedure is quite simple: download the firmware, unzip and save on SD-card, put SD-card in radio, put on radio, [set] – [SD-card] – [Firmware update] – [click, click, click, yes, click] and after about 10 seconds the radio restarts.
This latest release should improve FM TX audio S/N ratio, first test show a little improvement indeed.

TS-590 firmwareThis page triggered me to check if my TS-590 needs a firmware update. In the olden days they use to say: if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. But nowadays new firmware does not only fix problems/bugs but it also adds new features that was not possible before.
I checked and saw my TS-590 firmware was version 1.07 and the new one is 2.02! Whoops, missed a few releases!
Quickly update it.

According to Kenwood these are the new features:

“TS-590S Ver.2 firmware update” will be released at the end of January 2015.
October 2, 2014
We are to offer some of the new TS-590SG’s functions* to owners of our current TS-590S models via a free firmware download as “TS-590S Ver.2 update”. The updated firmware will be available at the end of January 2015.

The “TS-590S Firmware Updating Program Ver.2.00” can be downloaded from KENWOOD website as well as other current firmware updates. The ARCP-590 and ARHP-590 control programs will also be updated to “Ver.2.00” at the same time.

* The “TS-590S Ver.2 update” revises the functions which can be achieved by updating the TS-590S main CPU firmware. The “TS-590S Ver.2 update” does not include functions involving hardware updates, nor functions involving menu / display items which are controlled by un-updateable front panel CPU.

Main items of the “TS-590S Ver.2 update”.

Frequency setting and display functions.
1) Enables use of the new Split function (TS-990S-style) for quick split operations.
Hold down the [SPLIT] key, and the “SPLIT” indicator blinks. When the [5] key is pressed for instance, the split setting will be completed as “5kHz Up”.
2) Enables the XIT frequency to be set while pressing [TF-SET] key when RIT is OFF in simplex mode.
3) Enables FINE function to be set to ON/OFF in each mode. It may also assist in CW or DATA mode operation.
4) Enables display of the 1Hz frequency digit when the FINE function is turned on below 1MHz (except in transverter mode). It may also assist in 135kHz band opeartion.

RX functions.
1) Enables the status of FIL A/B to be set separately for VFO A/B. This is useful when switching VFO A/B (TX/RX) frequencies for monitoring in split operation.
2) Enables use of the RX ANT in 50MHz band. The status can be set separately in HF and 50MHz band.

TX functions.
1) Enables the setting of RF output power independently in DATA mode. (RF output power in HF SSB-DATA/ FM-DATA, 50M SSB-DATA/ FM-DATA, HF AM-DATA, and 50M AM-DATA can be set independently).
2) Enables setting of the voice message’s PROC level and MIC gain separately from the setting of usual microphone input’s PROC level and MIC gain.
(The optional VGS-1 is required)

General functions
1) Enables setting the RX equalizer / TX equalizer in each mode.
2) Enables deleting CW message memories by each memory channel.

Voice guide functions (The optional VGS-1 is required)
1) Enables announcement of the type of the transmission meter.
2) Enables announcement of the DRV OUT function ON / OFF status.
3) Enables announcement of the RIT/XIT frequency.

PC commands
1) Enables reading the status of the VGS-1 (if installed in the TS-590S).
2) Enables back up of the status of the AI function ON/OFF.
3) Enables deleting Voice messages from a PC.
(Details of the above-mentioned PC commands are described in the revised “PC command list”)

475kHz band*
1) Revises the band memory [GENE] 2nd setting to 472kHz / CW.
2) Enables output of the 475kHz band (472~479kHz) signal from the rear panel DRV (drive output) connector as well as 135kHz band.(1mW approx.)

* Regarding the TS-990S and the TS-590SG, the 475kHz band drive output will be also available from the next firmware updates which are released at the same time with the TS-590S Ver.2 update.