Icom IC-7300 main shack rigToday I finally found some time to update the firmware of the IC-7300. I noticed 1.13 was out. Didn’t even update from the original 1.11 to 1.12 because my only netbook (MSI WIND U-100) doesn’t recognizes the internal SD-card reader. But a new Asus EeePC found it’s way to the shack. It’s running OpenSuse and does recognize it’s internal SD-reader so I had no arguments to not update the firmware. The procedure is quite simple: download the firmware, unzip and save on SD-card, put SD-card in radio, put on radio, [set] – [SD-card] – [Firmware update] – [click, click, click, yes, click] and after about 10 seconds the radio restarts.
This latest release should improve FM TX audio S/N ratio, first test show a little improvement indeed.

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