Just tonight I’m checking my first DXCC application at lotw.arrl.org. It says: “Account problem, please QRX” (see picture below). I guess there was a problem with my LoTW-account. But looking at the message a few minutes later it seemed solved? I’m not sure if everything is fine now and my first DXCC is on his way?

Got my full license early 2008 and still not worked 100 countries (confirmed). You could say I had a lot of off-air time. But since 2013 I participate in more then a few contests and my first DXCC-award (mixed) is appearing on the horizon. I do have a shoe box full of QSL-cards and mixed with my Logbook of The World confirms I do have 100 countries confirmed. I did look in to the process of having my cards checked and apply them for the award but I decided that’s too much hassle. In LoTW I have 96 confirmed countries, so four more and I can apply for DXCC mixed without even opening my QSL shoe box.
Sounds nice to me! Don get me wrong, I do like to receive paper QSL’s, especially from special stations or very remote locations. But for award checking it is far more convenient to have digitally confirmations.

PSKAfter some juggling around with Ham Radio Deluxe and HRDlog.net the last weeks, this weekend I let Digital Master 780 (as part of Ham Radio Deluxe) running in the background doing PSK-31 when I was studying. Every now and then I’ve made a QSO.

I must say, it actually runs quite smooth now. Little struggle Continue reading