A long last to-do on my list: apply for LOTW. Last week I read the instructions on the ARRL-website (also available in Dutch, I might add) and followed the line. I thought I had to upload my driver license and amateur license, but it turn out that I have to send a copy of both via snailmail.
When I dropped the enveloppe the other day my guess was I wouldn’t here anything within at least 3 weeks.
But, surprise surprise! This morning ARRL dropped me an email with the approval certificate! Whow, that was only about one week or so!
So tonight I’ll try to import my log in LOTW. Finally! Now I can see for sure how many DXCC entities I already scored….

Funny and interesting article from K9JY about letting go of some things in our hobby. Scot states that he thinks QSL cards are not of today anymore. Maybe he is right. Some years ago when I made my first hcjb1963 DX QSO, I had not yet made QSL-cards. I found in my logging program an option to send out a digital QSL-card. I send to all my contacts an digital QSL-card. I was thinking at the time: “this is actually a very nice and fast way to confirm a QSL!” Unfortionally I got back some very rude reactions from my fellow HAM’s. They did not accept digital QSL-cards. I was a little disappointed. I can imagine you still want to receive good old QSL-cards, them just (nicely) say so. But there seems to be a real hate against digital QSL-cards.
Funny thing is I did read about LotW a few minutes before I read Scot’s article. Still have to figure out how it works and what is it exactly. But wouldn’t it be cool to be able to confirm QSL’s digitally via internet? And maybe hams who appreciate an analog QSL-card can indicate that on there qrz.com page. I don’t know, just mindfarting here. Let me know what you think!