TS-450SATMy main HF rig is still the good old Kenwood TS-450SAT. I absolutely love this rig! It looks beautiful, it sounds beautiful and it works great.
The most funny about this rig is, everyone who owned one in the past and see it again on my desk, sighs and says: “I should never never never sold that baby!” Even guys who own a Icom 756 pro III nowadays like the looks of my 450 more.

I’m a quick learner, I never want to sell this piece of equipment too. So I figured, if I never wanted to sell it, I might as well start the hunt for all the available options for it. If I’m gonna enjoy the rig, then please with all its options in it!
So I opened the manual to see what kind of options there are. Actually there a a few of them! Let me publish a little list:


– YG-455C-1 CW filter 500 Hz
– YG-455CN-1 CW filter 250 Hz
– YG-455S-1 SSB filter 2,4 KHz
– YG-88C-1 CW filter 500 Hz
– YG-88CN-1 CW filter 270 Hz
– YG-88S-1 SSB filter 2,4 KHz
– YG-88SN-1 SSB filter 1,7 KHz

Other options:

– SO2-TCXO crystal oscillator oven
– VS-2 voice synthesizer (reads frequency)
– TU-8 Tone unit (so you can use tone enabled repeaters on 10m)
– DSP-100 MF digital signal processor.

I opened the hunt for all of these options. I was able to find the YG-455C-1 500 Hz CW filter, the YG-88SN-1 SSB 1,7 KHz filter and the VS-2 voice synthesizer. The only filter I don’t understand is the 2,4KHz SSB filter at 455 KHz MF. There is already standard a 2,4 KHz filter in this rig for 455 KHz. So I’m still looking for the other filters, the SO2-TCXO, the TU-8 and the DSP-100. Would be great to complete the rig!

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