wfviewPlease take a look at a really cool piece of software: wfview! If you have a ICOM radio, now there is an alternative to the ICOM RS-BA1 remote controlling software. The cool thing about wfview is you can run it on almost every platform (Linux, MacOS, Windows etc) since it is open source and you can compile the source yourself.

You are welcome to contribute! Please take a look and tell us what you think.

Little update to give a sign of life. Due to the corona pandemic and many other things I was not active with the radio hobby lately. The summer months are always low in radio activities. Also I did not bring any radio equipment with me on the holiday trip to Denmark this year. Every so now and then I swing on the ICOM IC-7610 and listen a bit on the bands. That is fun, but there are so many other important things to do these days.
The cold days will be here again, less things to do outside and probably a lot more inside for the coming months. I don’t rule out a new spike in radio activity for this period and probably also more blogging about it.
To all my loyal followers: hang in there, update will follow!