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Event: CQWW SSB 2018Section: Multi Operator Two Radio High PowerLogger: N1MM+ newest versionStation 1: Elecraft K3s 400WStation 2: Icom IC-7300 400WAntenna 160m: Inverted-LAntenna 80m: Inverted-L + dipoleAntenna 40m: 4 square + dipoleAntenna 20m: VDA + FB23Antenna 15m: 4 element yagi + VDAAntenna 10m: VDA + MoxonIt has been a great weekend from a great location.…

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Shack in boxes

Shack in boxesThere is currently not much happening in the radio area, all the radio stuff is packed in boxes these days (shack in boxes). The reason for this is a renovation in our attic. This spring an extra dormer will be placed and the attic will be split up in two separate rooms. Those will be the new rooms of the two boys. The internal move will free up a room which is now the old baby room. This will be my new ‘man-cave’ Continue reading “Shack in boxes”

Adding counterpoise

Counterpoise on Icom AH-4For a while now I have changed my ZS6BKW antenna with an Icom AH-4 as coupler into a single wire antenna (still attached to the AH-4). The ZS6BKW is symmetrical antenna so not much need for a counterpoise. But a single wire does need a counterpoise. As a temporary solution I didn’t attache anything, but that is quite noticeable due to a lot of static in receiving signals. But creating a counterpoise on the roof is a bit of a challenge. After a few months Continue reading “Adding counterpoise”