JOTA 2018 Scouting Nootdorp participation

HF Tower by night JOTA 2018This year I agreed to participate in Jamboree On The Air activities with the Scouting group Nootdorp. This group never had the change to join a JOTA before so it was their first time. I helped a few times with JOTA-activities but never as the lead amateur. So there was a connection as first timers. Continue reading “JOTA 2018 Scouting Nootdorp participation”

The Modern Analog Soldering Station — Hackaday

There is a certain sense of accomplishment one gets when building their own tools. This is what [Alejandro Velazquez] was going for when he built his own soldering station. Sure you can get a decent station for a pittance on Amazon, or eBay. You can even build your own microprocessor controlled station. [Alejandro] is currently…

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Enjoying Retirement — Living Life — K5ND

I’m closing my freelance writing business. It’s been a bit more than five years since my retirement from the corporate world and I find, now at age 68, that it’s time to spend my time enjoying life and treasuring my family. I feel that the final detoxification from “living to work” came during our recent…

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