The new radio room deskFinally after 1,5 year I have my own room. Since the room is just for radio, I will need a wall-to-wall desk. Such desks are hard to find. So I have to make one myself. Starting with a custom made worksheet on support bars on the wall. But I also want to have some shelves to put radio’s on. And I want two Continue reading

FT-8 fun During last JOTA (2019) I tried FT-8 for the first time. Initially making all the beginners mistakes (using an old version of wsjt-x, wrong sound levels etc). I picked it up later at home when I put up the 40m deltaloop for the weekend. Then the FT-8 fun really started. Since then my new radio room became available. I put down a temporary desk so I can attach my radio’s, pc and such. After a week or so it really started to itch Continue reading