Ham Radio DeluxeReading this article of KB3LMC got my mind spinning. I hate the fact that HRD puts it database on my local computer. I switch computers a lot and it would be great if I could use some sort of central database for all my HRD instances.
Second thing is: I really would love to be able to show my log realtime here on my blog. I use Hamlog.eu for that now, but I don’t like it. I’ve to upload my logbook to that site from time to time and that is to much hassle. It would be perfect to let the webserver read the online database so I never have to upload anything.

The database is already up and running (took me only a half hour or so) and the HRD instances are talking to it (at least one for now). So that’s cool. Now I have to write a plugin for WordPress to be able to show the log online. It would also be handy if the plugin lets the visitor of my site search the database for his/her call. Hmmm, no experience with writing WordPress plugins….. Gonna be interesting.

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    • Hi Bowie, thanks for the comment. Yes, it works just fine! Although N1MM also has a nice networking feature right now. Maybe that is more convenient in your setup?

      73 Jim, PA8E

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