HamRadioDeluxeMore and more I become a happy HRD-user. I’m using HRD v5.0 build 2494 at the moment. One thing I absolutely love is the logbook functionality. When I’m DX-ing I want to add the QSO’s to my log asap with as much additional information as possible. Of course HRD already adds all data from the radio to the log but I also want all available QRZ.com information added. HRD is able to grab all available info from QRZ.com with different methods. It’s possible true WWW and true XML. True WWW is slow but free of charge, to use XML you need a subscription for the feed at QRZ.com. In my case it so bad if I hear a station I want to work, but the link to QRZ.com doesn’t work, I won’t grab the mike. Last weeks QRZ.com seems to have some problems with the WWW connections of HRD. So in a blink of an eye I bought a XML-subscription for a year! I can report: works flawlessly!

But the other day some weird bug pops up in my HRD: I use the alarm functionality in Logbook. I wanted to have all unworked DX-countries put in my alarms so I got a mail when a unworked DX-station is spotted on the telnetcluster. I bumped into a limitation of HRD: there is a maximum number of alarms you can define. I think it’s around 60 alarms or so. Okay, no problem: I started whit the A-calls and I have to delete the entries when I worked the countries before I can add new ones. Acceptable workaround! Last weekend I worked Cuba and Argentina for the first time. So I wanted to delete those from my alarms to add two new DX-countries. And now something weird happens. I deleted both countries, they are gone from the list. When I close the alarm list with the [Ok]-button and I open the list again, both entries are back! Same thing for changing the properties for each entries. When I save the entry and open it up again, gone is my change! At first I thought maybe it’s because I’ve reached the maximum number of entries (like a full harddisk) but when I wanted to delete some to check, they also don’t disappear.

I’ve signed up for the HRD forum to add this bug (or is it a feature ;-)) but I’m still waiting for moderation of my account before I can post. Hopefully this thing can be fixed…

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