Yearly Report Like every year we summarize the yearly report of the blog statistics. This year we received about 2133 unique visitors who did almost 4000 views. I know sites that do this kind of numbers in a minute, but then again it is not that bad for a hobby-only site. After all I only post 19 posts this year (*blush*). That number really got to go up. I hope 2016 brings a little more time for the hobby.

For years now my best viewed post is the one Kenwood MC-60 Microphone RFI solution. It is really not a big of a deal. This post only mentions a little mod to the MC-60 microphone of Kenwood to make it a little less sensitive for RFI. What a simple capacitor can achieve!
In 2015 the one about GPS built in TM-D710 has pursued it!
Actually I have another MC-60-mod in-line so maybe this will be the best post in 2016…

Further more the yearly report states October was the best month with 447 visitors and March the lowest with 164 visitors.
Funny that about 70 percent of my visitors are from The Netherlands so actually I’m blogging in English only for 30 percent of my visitors.
All statistics aside, I hope I will be able to entertain you guys and gals again next year with new projects and new developments on running projects. If you have a good idea for a post or if you want to read more about one of the subjects in a post, please drop me a message! One intension for 2016 is I will try to post more, promised!

Happy new year to all of you and your family. I hope you will have as much fun with the HAM-hobby as me!
73 and good luck to you all!

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