PCI Express serial portsSince one of the best contest logging free software N1MM is running on Windows only, I had to install Windows on my Mac Pro. Running via Bootcamp it works fine. I want to run CW skimmer together with N1MM so I can read the very fast stations in the contest. But N1MM needs 2 COM-ports (cat interface and keying port) and CW Skimmer won’t run properly without a cat interface too. My TS-590 has two possibilities for cat interfacing: via USB and via serial port. So I need 1 com port for cat interface with N1MM, 1 com port for cat interface with CW Skimmer and 1 com port for N1MM keying. At the moment I have only 1 serial – USB converter. So I looked around on the webs and found a PCI express card with two serial ports! Right away I ordered the card. Let’s hope my plan will work. I don’t think the card is supported by MacOSX but that not a big deal since I’ll use it with Windows anyway.

Keyspan USA 19HIn the manual that came with my Kenwood TM-D710 I found a section about Automatic Packet Report System (APRS) and how to configure it. I thought it would be cool to configure my rig as an iBridge (repeater like option in APRS) to the internet. Then local packets my rig picks up, are being relayed to the Internet. Before I offer a dedicated machine for this functionality I want to figure out how this works under Linux. So I made a virtual machine on VirtualBox on my MacPro and installed Continue reading