Setup Echolink node PA8E


A few years ago I’ve setup an echolink – RF bridge with the Kenwood TM-D710. With this I could listen and talk to an echolink node of No Agenda from Adam Curry. It’s quite an awesome thing to be able to walk in and around the house with my handy talky and be able to listen and talk to people on the other side Continue reading

The Kenwood TM-742E

Kenwood TM-742E
A while back I bought a second hand radio: the Kenwood TM-742E. A great radio with 2m, 70cm and 23cm module!
The man who sold it is a heavy smoker, so I had to clean the rig intensively. But after doing a good job the radio is like brand new. No scratch on it.
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This weekend I entered the Bartg RTTY Sprint contest. I’m not really a RTTY man, but I like this mode when doing a contest. As every time I join a contest, I had to figure out N1MM all over again. I don’t use it enough. But in the end it was ok just in time for the contest and everything worked like a charm.
I didn’t do the whole 24 hours, just a few hours on Saturday afternoon and a few hours on Sunday morning. Didn’t run one CQ at all, just S&P on 40, 20, 15 and 10. If I may say so: a decent score.