Adam CurryOnly a few weeks he is officially a HAM amateur, Adam Curry, of the No Agenda podcast! Passed for his technician license recently, a few weeks later for his general and already he is studying for his extra in December 2012!

Adam totally took a dive in Echolink and setup a conference server (EchoNode 3373), which is already turn out to be a cozy place for ‘random HAM dudes’. Somewhere this days he’ll receive his first HF-set, a Icom IC-7200! With some wire up in the threes he’ll make his first contact on the HF-bands soon.

Already he is talking about “making morse code cool again” and “automatic sending out RSS feeds in CW” and “creating a backup network with Echolink, PSK31 and CW”.

Adam is my favorite DJ, VJ, pod caster, entrepreneur and life philosopher ever. I always liked Adam’s ideas very much and I love to see him entering my own favorite hobby to stir up things. Welcome Adam, congratz! Hope to work a not-so-random-dude soon on HF 😉

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