After a few years without contesting, my friend Roeland PA3MET convinced me to participate in CQ WW SSB last weekend. Quite busy at work with radio, so at home radio has become a little less important. It was a really busy weekend, but I managed to find some hours here and there to participate in the contest. Limited to QRP since there is quite some RFI in the shack. Monitor and mouse go out when I make more then 20 watts or so. The last time I decided to participate in a contest (last minute), I really bummed out because I couldn’t get things working. Always struggle with N1MM Continue reading

As mentioned before I’m remodelling the attic. The attic used to be my radio room, so that had to go for a while. Now, more then a year later, the attic is almost ready. My two sons will move from the first floor to their new rooms at the attic hopefully this summer. And that means two rooms come available on the first floor! One of those rooms will be my new radio room.

After more than a year without my Continue reading

Setup Echolink node PA8E


A few years ago I’ve setup an echolink – RF bridge with the Kenwood TM-D710. With this I could listen and talk to an echolink node of No Agenda from Adam Curry. It’s quite an awesome thing to be able to walk in and around the house with my handy talky and be able to listen and talk to people on the other side Continue reading