Setup Echolink node PA8E


A few years ago I’ve setup an echolink – RF bridge with the Kenwood TM-D710. With this I could listen and talk to an echolink node of No Agenda from Adam Curry. It’s quite an awesome thing to be able to walk in and around the house with my handy talky and be able to listen and talk to people on the other side Continue reading

EchoLinkAs every weekday morning when I’m enjoying my breakfast around 6:00 am, I listen to our local repeater PI2NOS. For a while now this repeater has an Echolink connection. Amateurs who use this repeater almost every morning, driving to work and chatting with each other.
This morning a US-HAM, Jasper KK4UFD logged in the repeater via Echolink. It was 12 o’clock pm at his QTH and he was preparing for a night sleep. The dutch amateur was driving to work as every morning and they had a fun chat about HAM-licenses, the weather, and some other subjects.
It’s great to hear a 15 year old US-kid talk to a 51 year old Dutch guy and (besides the language differences) have a really nice conversation about HAM-related subjects.
We do have a GREAT hobby! 🙂

20th of December 2012 I ordered a Baofeng UV-B6 from About three weeks later (15th January) it arrived at the PA1JIM-headquarters. It turns out to be a UV-B5 instead of a UV-B6. The only difference is the UV-B5 has a rotary dail on top and the UV-B6 has a flashlight instead. That Continue reading